Be Part of the Action

For Us, Every day is Conservation Day. Get Involved.

Every little thing you do counts. Play your part to make the world a better place…

  • take action

    Participate in environmental conservation. Here is what you can do wherever you are.

    1. 1) Take time to understand the crisis facing us. Share knowledge and spread awareness amongst your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
    1. 2) Use water wisely. Do not destroy water catchment areas.
    2. 3) Switch off lights when not in use. Use energy saving bulbs.
    3. 4) Do not litter. Dispose of waste carefully. When in a vehicle, public or private, do not toss litter through the window.
    4. 5) Plant as many trees as you can. Avoid cutting down trees.
    5. 6) Engage the elderly in your community. Find out how the generations before us applied indigenous knowledge in the management of natural resources.
    6. 7) Provide information on crimes such as illegal logging, poaching or any environmental or wildlife crimes. Report known criminals in your area.
    7. 8) Buy products produced in a sustainable manner.
    8. 9) Use renewable energy. Adopt energy saving mechanisms.
    9. 10) Support individuals and grassroots organizations championing conservation in your community.
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  • donate

    Support initiatives aimed at improving the environmental conditions around you. Help us achieve our objectives by supporting our activities. We accept in-kind, monetary and intellectual property donations.

  • volunteer

    We are always on the lookout for volunteers with a variety of skills to be part of our mission, events and activities. Sign up as a volunteer and get information on upcoming events and activities you can participate in. Also, volunteer with grassroots organizations championing conservation in your community.

As the leading environmental education organization in Kenya, our work is around the clock. We strive to advance environmental learning and inspire lifelong stewardship of the environment in the country. But we can’t do this alone! We can't achieve our goals and realize victories without the support and involvement of those who share our passion for making the world a wonderful place to live.