eco-tourism, excursion & field studies program

This outdoor-based education program involves trips and visits to nature centers and environmental hot-spots or environmentally sensitive areas with the purpose of learning about biodiversity, fragile ecosystems and general environmental issues.

The program is designed for people of all walks of life who are interested in learning in and about the natural environment in an interactive and fun-packed atmosphere.

The program is also designed for teachers of sciences and humanities (e.g. Biology, Geography, History, Social Studies and Science) so that they can embrace and incorporate creative, hands-on and field-based teaching techniques in the curriculum through field work. The idea is to use the natural environment as a classroom and a laboratory. This applies mostly to the aspects of the curriculum that deal with nature and the physical environment.

The learners are accompanied by trained and experienced environmental educators who make learning as interesting as possible while stimulating critical thinking, arousing curiosity and disseminating information in an admirable fashion that ignite moral courage to take action.

We work closely with nature centers to advance experiential, on-location learning about biodiversity through a concept known as School of Field Studies.

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